As someone who originates from the city, I can assure you that my opinion on the top London Attractions to visit will vary depending on who I’m referring to. I understand as a tourist you would want to visit all the known places which have captivated the world, Having said that, there are also places in the city that are hidden gems that you might not have heard of because it’s a local sensation. Let’s get started!

Holland Park Japanese gardens

Holland Park Japanese gardens

Any tourist or local you thinks they have the discovery list to London is very much mistaken, tucked in between Hammersmith & Holland Park central London, It’s a beautiful small but delighting park called Holland Park, What makes this that special is the Japanese garden that was gifted to the royal parks by the Japanese government as a token of appreciation. It’s truly beautiful & magical, One must not venture out in London without experiencing the beauty of a park.

London Eye

London Eye
London Eye

It’s probably the most seen site in the city, The Millennium Wheel or as people now would call it the London eye. Situated on London Bridge not far from temple station it’s a must-visit for a tourist and locals alike. I have had the pleasure when I was a child to seeing the London eye raised to what it is today back in 2002, Since then it’s been a hit with young & old alike. If you are a thrill seeker & looking for an experience where heights are what you enjoy you cannot go wrong with this attraction.

British Science Museum

Based in South Kensington very close to the station, dare I say it is probably within walking distance/ What makes the British & science museum that much more special is it’s free of charge. & bundles of fun for singletons or families alike. The pandemic has prevented the museum from operating properly, But now with everything gradually opening up again, I’m sure they have plenty of exciting new exhibitions which will feed your eyes & mind. One thing is for certain if you have kids & you visiting London or you are a local who wants to drain that energy they have. You can not go wrong with this establishment.

The London Dungeons

Looking to take a trip back in history, Be scared of all the horrid crimes committed a long time ago, Then you cannot miss this skeptical called London dungeons. You will love the play & games aspect to it all. It’s a hit with young & old alike. Of course, if being scared is what you enjoy, With a hint of humor. You will love this great dungeon.

Hyde park

One of my favorite London attractions. Smack in the middle of central London is the biggest open park space In London, It’s huge!& plenty to keep you busy. Maybe you want to visit all the lovely swans near the pond while admiring the beautiful wildlife in the royal park. Whatever you need you will truly enjoy the experience. The park has plenty for everyone. From its famous Kensington gardens to the delightful ponds where you hire boats to paddle while enjoying a cold delicious ice cream. Let us not forget the dogs will love the open running space.

Tower of London

Tower of London

History has a tower of London as one of the most famous sites in central London, Any land space of London you see one place will never be missed it’s this beautiful bridge & tower, After a reasonable amount of maintenance & upkeep, you can experience this wonderful adventure while also learning beautiful things that have happened in history. One of the oldest sites in London cannot go without a visit.

Westminister Abbey

Westminister Abbey

Ever wondered where all the royal families get married? Then look no further Westminster abbey has become a favorite of many royals & affluent people alike who have chosen this beautiful church as a backdrop to their wedding venue. Come and experience this majestic church in all its glory from building architecture dating back centuries.

Tate Modern

Lover of art & futuristic stuff? You have to visit the Tate modern. It’s based in London Bridge not far from Bermondsey station,
Filled with fun for the family and singles alike. You can spend a whole day browsing through all the interesting exhibitions & still not get tired that’s how big & wonderful this great art gallery is. What makes it even more special is it’s free. You cannot go wrong with this great London attractions.

St Pauls Cathedral

St Pauls Cathedral

One of the world’s most famous churches you will ever visit, Not only majestic but filled with history that dates back to the beginning of time. It’s open to the public most time but please be quiet when visiting the church as you will certainly find some people in deep prayer.
Personally visiting this beautiful church has always left me with a complete euphoric aura, It’s just so much to take in at once, The beauty lies in the undeniable artwork & historic statues scattered all over this majestic church.

Chiswick Gardens

Chiswick House and Gardens

Ever wondered what Chiswick is famous for? Well, Chiswick gardens of course. Easily accessible & very tranquil is this elegant plant-based park which has the prettiest looked after the garden you will come across, Tourists & locals love this part of London as it isn’t in central London with all the hustle & bustle but not too far. Parking is available at the park most days during the week. So rest assured whether your coming by public transport or car is easily accessible.

Notting-hill gate

Now I know what you thinking that’s an area, not a London attraction, That’s where your wrong Nottinghill gate is famous for all your favorite Instagram snaps, from Colour houses to old-style Victorian properties. It’s heaven for any photographic designer or an Instagram Junkie who needs that one selfie to tick off his or her list. You can find the famous colorful houses not far from the station itself.

Portobello Market

Portobello market

Interested in sovereigns & all other wacky but exciting ornaments, You have to visit the delight market of Portobello, Located inside Nottinghill gate which itself is affluent. Is this stunning market has always attracted thousands of tourists who need that London experience? Find an array of shops & stalls which are local businesses with a hint of elegant twist. People travel from far and wide to experience this great market that is truly unique, Just be wary of the days the market is open, Tuesday & Saturday are the main days where all the stalls are out in their full glory.

Borough Market

Borough Market

Situated once again in London Bridge, Is the oldest & probably one of the oldest food markets in southeast London, Open most days serving tourists & locals alike. It’s beautiful & abundance of different kinds of food from all parts of the world. With its beautiful cobbled streets with stalls that stretch till the eye can see. Personally from visiting the market the best time to venture is on a Saturday, As you will find all stalls displayed are ready for business.

Regents Park Zoo (ZSL London Zoo)

Regents Park Zoo

Animal lovers are prepared to amaze by this wonderful zoo situated within the regent park itself, You can find it easily as it’s in central London so well connected with several tube lines & bus routes, Open throughout the year you can come & enjoy wildlife from all walks of life literally at your doorstep. Tourists & locals love this zoo because of its abundance of exotic wildlife.

Bond Street Shopping District

Ever wondered where all the rich & famous shop? Well, it’s come street, of course, Famous Harrods store or all the designer stores you would ever ask for, It’s a shopper’s heaven. Many tourists love visiting this famous shopping district to see all the glitz & glamour exotic things all at your display to window shop or if you want to have fun you can splurge on what you please.

Sea Life Aquarium

Sea Life Aquarium

Lover of sea life & all things magical well then you will adore the wonders of the sea world in London, Walking distance from temple station is this wonderful underground sea world in central London, It was fairly big especially for being so centrally located. Open most days sometimes they do have pre-booked with schools & other kids activities one thing is for sure it will have families absolutely exhausted & excited at the same time. The number of activities they have for kids & grown-ups alike will make you fall in love with fun all over again.

The shard

The shard London

Another humongous skyscraper in London is part hotel, offices & food eateries. What makes it even more special than your average skyscraper is the heights you can venture to see the beautiful skyline of London. It’s lovely to enjoy. Romantic dinner for 2 or the family at heights & views you have only ever dreamt of. One thing is for certain the romantic atmosphere the shard brings to couples in London is unquestionable.

River Thames Cruise

River Thames Cruise

Catch a boat that will your you up & down this historical river stretches for miles, All your favorite spots & tourist attractions are located on the banks of the river. The boat can be caught from my bankside establishment, Have no fear you can find your tourist conductors standing at bus stops ready to sell you tickets to get your boat experience. Whether it’s a couple or family outing, You will truly enjoy the experience of being able to see all the London establishments with great ease.

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